What is the future of used auto parts?

With used car parts and used OEM parts that range from brakes, batteries to filters of companies like General Motors, Federal-Mogul etc. available at nearly half the cost, then why wouldn’t their popularity grow? Let us regard the reason for the exponential rise of the used car part market.

The price of used car parts is nearly half of its original and that is the driving force behind the high sale of used car parts. It is predicted that just the automatic electric components sale will rise by 5.4% per year in North America and reach $13.6 billion by the end of this year.

Why will the used car part market rise?

Let us look at the trends in automotive brake parts. The lightweight technology and regenerative system of brakes will increase the demand for used brake parts. The sale of electronic brakes will be dependent on safety regulations and fuel management leading to an increase of hybrid and electric vehicles. This will consequently give rise to increased sale of filters for light vehicles. The filters will not last long owing to no maintenance. The market for transmission parts will also rise.

The frequent replacement of these parts will draw customers to used car parts owing to the cost benefits. Junkyards will stock more used car parts with the increase of lightweight vehicle parts in the region as the demand for used OEM installation of thinner vehicle parts like brake, filters, transmitters will go up. The reduced price will be a huge incentive.

How important is the digital sale?

The facility of digitalized sale or eCommerce had made the distribution of used auto parts more streamlined. With online salvage yards maintaining digital inventories the market is only growing. The issue of obtainability is now simplified. When you require an auto part all you need to do is search for it online. Technology has also spurred R&D and customers are increasingly knowledgeable about what they need. Therefore, fooling a customer is difficult with the availability of ready information.


Out of all the used car part sold, the sale of the tire has been recorded as the highest. With the rise of engine-based autos, the presence of exhaust parts and some other tools in the vehicle will not be there in hybrid vehicles. In the USA, the demand for used cars is steadily rising. When the aftermarket parts function as good as OEM parts than why should people not choose them over more expensive OEM parts? All you require is an online reliable junkyard that takes responsibility for its sale. Big Mouth Direct is just one such web address that serves with integrity, availability, and accuracy. If you demand a particular vehicle part, they will find it for you. Linked with junkyards all over the USA they will supply your exact part wherever you need it. Supported with warranty and providing the most trusted customer support, visit