What should you know about your windshield wiper motor?

What is a windshield wiper motor?
  • The windshield wiper motor powers the windshield wipers.
  • The spinning mechanism is built to rotate the worm gear, the arm and the windshield wiper blades. The windshield wiper wipes water, snow and dust along with any other obstruction on the screen that impairs visibility.
  • The windshield wiper motor is part of the car safety component, the wiper linkage, wiper washer pump and wiper switch are all parts of the windshield wiper assembly.
  • The windshield wiper motor is found on the engine bay.
  • It is linked to the wiper linkage.
  • It transmits motion and moves the wiper blade and arms.
  • The wiper blade is usually located below the wiper cowl, in some cars, it is found in the hatchback.
  • There are two wiper motors in cars, the front wiper motor and a separate rear wiper motor.
  • The rear windshield wiper motor assembly includes metal and plastic components. In the more expensive models, durable metal parts replace plastics.

The basic mechanism of the windshield wiper motor is the same, the design differs in gear arrangement, control mechanism, and transmission parts.

Parts of the wiper motor
  • The windshield wiper motor works on a DC motor rated at 6V, 12V, or 24V.
  • The most common is the 12V in cars and automobiles.
  • The housing is made of anti-corrosive steel.
  • The permanent magnets on the windshield wiper motor are attached inside with adhesive. It helps provide the magnetic force which rotates the armature.
  • The armature is a rotating piece in the center that includes copper coil wire around a magnetic core that rests on a shaft. The shaft rotates on a small bearing.
  • The windshield wiper motor brush channels the current to the armature coil to make it rotate. Modern cars have 3 brushes. The third brush completes a high-speed circuit that lets the wiper work at different speeds.
  • The commutator is the rotating part that is placed between the brushes and is held by a motor shaft. It is separated by an insulating strip. The current is conducted from the brushes to the coil from here and works to maintain continuous rotation of the armature.
  • The brush plate assembly holds the motor brushes and springs that engage the brushes and the electric circuit regulating the windshield wiper motor.
  • The gearbox reduces the rotation speed and multiplies torque transmitting motion to the wiper assembly. The gearbox assembly comes with a worm gear, gear wheel and parking limit switch.
  • Placed at the end of the wiper motor shaft, the gear wheel is connected to the spiral gear for torque multiplication. The overall speed of the rotation is reduced.
  • The gear wheel windshield wiper motor is connected to the spiral gear offering multiple torques. With the rotation of the spiral gear, the wheels turn but the speed reduces. The rotational force is multiplied and moves the wiper. There could be additional gears depending on the model of the automobile.
  • The parking limit switch is a wiper park switch that contains three copper arms attached to the gearbox cover. Mounted in a plastic wheel, the attached wheel rotates with the gear. Upon switching off the motor the wipers blades move to their parked position and no longer obstruct the view of the driver.
  • The gearbox cover is removable and protects the wiper motor assembly. Apart from protecting the insides., it also mounts the parking limit switch, electric connector and signals to the electronic component. Attached to the gear mechanism, it transports wiper gear rotation to the outside.
  • Connecting the wiper motor to the rest of the system, the output arm conveys the rotation motion to the linear motion when operating the wiper.
  • They transmit electronic signals and power to the assembly. The wiper wiring is an important part of the window wiper motor.
  • The other parts include the wiper fuse, wiper switch, and wiper relay.

How does the windshield wiper motor work?

  • In modern cars, the windshield wiper motor is controlled by a control module.
  • It is also called a Body Control Module (BCM) or front BCM (FBCM).
  • In Honda cars, it is called a Multiplex Integrated Control System MICU.
  • The multifunction switch of the wiper on the steering commands the control module operating the three wiper motor relays. A high-speed circuit, one low-speed circuit and an intermittent wipers circuit.
  • The window wiper motor powers the wiper.
  • The linkage converts the rotational output of the windshield wiper motor for performing the back and forth motion of the wipers.
  • A worm gear controls the force in the windshield wipes by reducing the speed to half and multiplying the torque to double.

Cost of windshield wiper motor replacement

The cost of windshield wiper motor replacement can be quite high if you are buying an OEM part. It could effectively upset your budget. A window windshield motor is an essential component of the automobile and you cannot do without it. Choosing an aftermarket windshield wiper motor replacement from a genuine online aftermarket auto part store will not only save money but you can get a high-performance part that will last for years. Trust a store that inspects every part before shipping it.

Pros & Cons of the used windshield wiper motor

  • The aftermarket windshield wiper motor is originally manufactured.
  • The price is much better and affordable owing to the wide inventory.
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  • The variety of brands sold in the online store can be confusing for customers.
  • You should do your research thoroughly before purchasing any used windshield wiper motor
  • However, if the store is reliable like Big Mouth Direct, highly informed and efficient technicians will guide you through your purchase.

How will I know that my windshield wiper motor is failing?

  • The programmable multiple speed window wiper blades in modern cars, trucks, and SUVs sometimes moves slowly even when the wiper switch is activated at a high setting. There could be a problem with the window wiper motor.
  • The wipers move the same all the time after activating the wiper switch. Trying to change speeds or settings does not help, then the wiper motor is malfunctioning.
  • If after turning the wiper switch on, the blades do not move at all, there is a definite sign of motor damaged or there is an electric problem.
  • The wiper blades should return to their parked position when turned off, they should lock themselves at the bottom of the windshield.
  • The complex windshield wiper motor cannot be repaired, it is highly complex, window wiper motor replacement is the only solution.
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