Window regulators are key components to the proper operation of your vehicles windows. Window regulators help raise and lower the door glass of an automobile, and are usually located behind the door panels. Depending on the type of options a vehicle comes equipped with, it will have either manual or power window regulator.
Major Role
The window regulator lifts the door glass up and down through the rotation of a window crank handle located on the door pane; that connects to the regulator assembly. If a vehicle is equipped with the power windows, which are most common today, then it will have power window regulators.
Package Details
Window Regulator and Motor Regulator and Motor will be sent together
Part Description
The Window regulator is a metal item that fits between the outer door shell and the interior door panel. It is a motor driven (Part type 617) or manual driven piece that hooks to the window glass and pushes the glasses up and pulls it down. It is sometimes sold with the motor however; in most cases the motors are taken off and sold separately. If the customer orders the window regulator then you assume they do not need the motor. If you are on the phone with them, then ask if they need the motor. Make sure while ordering that you confirm with the distributor that it is not bent and is in good shape. Questions to ask: Do you need it with or without the motor? Is it electric or not? Shipping Cost is normally 10 - 15 dollars Dimensions: It is shaped like a boomerang or a pair of opened scissors. They are not heavy however; the shape is strange. They bend easily.