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What is a car window regulator?
  • The component that opens and closes the window of the car is a window regulator. The car window assembly that includes the window glass, tracks, also contains the window regulator. Mounted internally a cross-section of the car door will reveal the window regulator on the car door panel. Attached to the door frame, the window regulator can be easily removed by unscrewing and removing the bolts.
  • The lifting mechanism needs to be strong as it balances the weight of the glass while also moving it. Therefore, it is mostly composed of steel. The moving joints reduce friction in the assembly and are made of brass. Some car window regulators are also made of plastic.
  • Window regulators are specific to the windows they regulate. The front window regulator and motor, which is also the driver side window, comes with a higher capacity to bear greater load as it holds the larger glass, the design includes two slide tracks to hold the window. The passenger side window is given to rough use and wear and tear. The chances of failure are higher for this window regulator motor.

What does the window assembly include?

  • The car window regulator follows different mechanisms and constructions. The general layout is mostly the same. The drive mechanism, lifting mechanism and the window bracket together make the window regulator and motor. Let us understand the function of the individual parts.
  • The drive mechanism is a window regulator motor part that provides the thrust to move the glass from the position it is seated. With a set of gears and power source that could come from a hand-operated crank or 12V DC motor, the specifications of the car window motor feature speed and current rating. The torque in the car window regulator determines the lifting ability of the motor.
  • The lifting mechanism is responsible for lifting and lowering the window. With arms and slides, rollers and cables, the modern powered windows use cables to lift and lower the glass.
  • The window brackets allow the windows to rest. It enables the window to move on the tracks, holding the glass firmly most commonly with plastic clips. With age, the clips wear out.

What is the difference between a car window regulator and a window regulator motor?

A window regulator includes that part of the mechanism which lifts the window in a car. The window regulator motor powers the lifting mechanism in electric windows. The window motor is available independently or is integrated into the assembly. In other words, the window regulator is the lifting mechanism, and the part that causes movement in power windows is called the power window motor.

How does a car window regulator work?

The window regulator and motor provide the force to lift the window by converting the rotary motion of a crank into linear movement. This comes with many benefits like the ease of closing and opening the window with comfort and convenience. Protecting from outside weather like rain, snow and heat also keep the dust away while driving. It provides security from outside intrusion. Also provides the comfort of the air-conditioner to cool the interiors without letting air escaping outside. The window can be a safe emergency exit.

  • The car window regulator works on the operating principle of two different types of mechanisms. The power window type uses different actuators. This is different from the manually operated type.
  • The rotating handle in the manual car window regulator moves the glass upward and downward. The handle is linked to a geared mechanism. The rotational movement in the gear controls the lifting assembly. They use springs for controlling the force required to move the window up and stop the window from plunging with force exerted by gravity. The winding and unwinding of the spring ease the window movement.
  • The power window motor and regulator are controlled by switches, electric motor and lifting mechanism. It also comes with sensors that are controlled by the electronic control unit (ECU). As the power switch is pressed the electronic control system is activated, energizing and rotating the car window motor to lift or lower the window. The car window regulator switch in power windows regulates the level at which you wish the window to be open just like manual car window regulators.
  • Modern vehicles, that come with an anti-pinch technology, have sensors that stop the window when there is an obstacle which avoids accidents. The window mechanism stops and retracts.
  • Car window regulators are clubbed into four categories depending on their operating systems. Power window motor, manual window regulator, scissor-type window regulator and cable window regulator.
  • Manual window regulator uses the mechanics of hand crank that delivers the lifting operation. The crank is mounted on the door and represented by a handle. This type of car window regulator appeared in older cars and are still in use. A simple design, they are cheaper to replace. However, they need effort in operation and can be less comfortable especially when compared to automatic lifters.
  • The power window motor is an electric motor that generates force for lifting with complex electronics that control its operation. The motor is a part of the window regulator assembly. The ease of handling makes this a preferred choice in modern cars. At the press of the button, the window automatically closes or opens. The entire operation happens from a central point. The mechanism involves too many parts.
  • The cable window regulator relies on a cable to lift and lower the window. By rolling a pulley or roller, mounted on the assembly, they work on a power window motor. They are electrically operated and found commonly in modern vehicles. This mechanism involves lesser parts, and the space can be utilized for installing other components. However, the pulley system wears out with a sudden snap and can be quite dangerous.
  • The scissor window regulator and motor are shaped like a scissor assembly. The two metal pieces cross each other balancing on a middle pivot. It is made of metal and does not wear easily. They occupy greater space when compared to the cable type. They are reliable and appear on many vehicles.

How do I know if my car window regulator is bad?

A bad window regulator can no longer control the window. Let us go through the reasons for the failure in a car window regulator and motor.

  • The gear clips break.
  • The slide or strip cracks.
  • The cable snaps.
  • Rust and debris and freezing temperature jam the hand crank mechanism and bend it.
  • Sometimes the car window motor burns out and the car window regulator switch stops working.
  • The window fuse blows up and the control module fails.
  • If the motor fails, then the entire window regulator and motor need to be replaced.
  • If the power window motor or manual window is sticking when going up and down, this indicates a sign of debris in the mechanism along with lost lubrication. If one or many parts are damaged, then replacement is the only option.
  • Grinding noise from the car window regulator motor shows mechanical faults which arise from rust and debris. The glass stops rolling and gets jammed.
How much does it cost to buy a car window regulator?

The cost of a window regulator and motor for luxury cars can be up to $1000, usually depending on the type of vehicle. Several factors determine the cost of a car window regulator and motor. The type of assembly, whether simple or complex, what type of window regulator is being replaced, the front or the side window regulator, the price differs accordingly. The power window motor is priced differently from the manual window regulator. The car window regulator price is heavily dependent on the brand. Other factors that influence the price of a window regulator and motor is if it is an OEM or aftermarket car window regulator. An aftermarket car window regulator and motor come much cheaper than OEM parts. You can save your dollars by investing in a reliable aftermarket window regulator and motor from Big Mouth Direct.

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