Volvo Cars, or Volvo Personvagnar AB, is a Swedish automobile manufacturer founded in 1927 in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden and currently owned by Ford Motor Company. The name Volvo is the Latin for, I drive" in a modern sense, was thought to be a good trademark for a ball bearing as well as for an automobile. Volvo was originally formed as a subsidiary company to the ball bearing maker SKF. In1935 Volvo AB was introduced on the Swedish stock exchange that SKF sold most of the shares in the company. Volvo Cars was owned by AB Volvo until 1999. Volvo uses in-line or straight engines in their production vehicles. Volvo is also known for the application of the in-line 5-cylinder engine to its vehicle line up since its introduction in 1993 in the Volvo 850. Volvo produces models ranging from SUVs, wagons, and sedans to compact executive sedans and coupes. With 2,500 dealerships worldwide in 100 markets; 60 percent of sales come from Europe, 30 percent from North America, and the other 10 percent is from the rest of the world. Volvo's market share is shrinking in the North American market. However, Volvo increased its market share in new markets such as Russia, China and India. Volvo already boasts the leading position in Russia's luxury car segment. 1. XC90 79,140 2. V70 69,067 3. S40 63,062 4. V50 62,348 5. C30 46,726 6. S80 41,839 7. S60 41,726 8. XC70 36,279 9. C70 17,415