Trunk Lid only refers to the upper part of the trunk. The part of the trunk lid holds the latch and is referred to the deck lid panel. The panel generally holds the vehicles emblem and is displayed as a different design from the rest of the trunk body.
Major Role
Major role of the lid is to cover the truck and lock the space inside. It keeps outside elements from entering the trunk and allows faulty safety parts to be located and replaced. A lock in the trunk lid ensures it remains closed while driving and keeps criminals from stealing contents stored in the vehicle trunk.
Package Details
Decklid Tailgate only
Sold Separately
This will be inspected before shipping. Will have light blemishes not requiring more than 1 hour of work, may have light scratches Hinges Struts Lights
Part Description
Deck Lid/the trunk lid, is the hinged lid that covers the portion of your vehicle behind the back glass.