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Purpose: The automobile transmission system comprises several components that together transmit the rotatory motion of the engine's crankshaft gradually and efficiently to the wheels.

Major Role: Mounted on the top of the engine it converts the engine's combustible power to momentum while setting the wheels in motion. It converts speed and momentum into power and puts the vehicle in motion while reducing the pressure from the engine to make it function efficiently. It transmits the power from the engine to the wheels along with the driveshaft and axle that helps you to drive the car better.

The gears ratios are either selected by the driver or change automatically. In a car with a manual transmission, pressing the clutch will bridge the engine and the transmission, helping you to change gears. In the automatic gearbox, the change takes place automatically.

Part Description

The transmission system comprises the following parts.

Clutch: A clutch disconnects the engine from the wheels. The rotatory movement of the crankshaft does not reach the wheel with the intrusion of the clutch. Transferring motion gradually puts the vehicle in motion following the principles of fiction.

Gearbox: it consists of a pair of gearwheels that transmit the available motion from the crankshaft, through the clutch at a different speed. It provides the necessary connection between the engine and the roadwheels. This connection adapts itself to the different condition the vehicle faces while in motion. The torque output will be inversely proportional to the speed. (See Used Gearbox for more information)

Propeller shaft: This component transfers motion from the gearbox to the differential end. The distance between the two is bridged by a thin and long shaft that connects them. It should be lightweight and should not be misaligned or sag with good torsional strength. It should meet the design specification.

The overall length of the propeller shaft also called the driveshaft, or a driveline shaft is not too much. (See Used Propeller Shaft for more information)

Differential: This is a system of gears that allows different wheels on the same axle to rotate at different speeds when the car is turning. Through wheel and pinion arrangement this action is performed by the differential. The inner and outer wheel speed variation when the vehicle is taking a return is also performed by the differential. (See Used Differential more for information)

Live axle: It is an axle through which power is transmitted to the wheel. Generally, it is transferred to the rear axle but in some vehicles, can be transferred to both the front and rear axles. This results in the motion being transferred to the road wheel. The friction between the wheels and the road helps the vehicle to move. (See Used Live Axle more for information)

Types of used transmission for sale on Big Mouth Direct.

Manual used transmission (MT)
  • This is the standard transmission
  • Works when the clutch pedal is pressed, and the gearbox is disengaged from the engine.
  • Balanced coordination of the legs and hand needs to be kept through the driving routine.
  • In front-wheel drive, the transmission is attached to the engine in a transaxle.
  • The transmission, differential and drive axles are one complete unit and serve as a front axle to the front wheels.

Manual transmissions are of two types.

Sliding-gear type
  • These are basic and obsolete.
  • In Sliding-gear type nothing turns except the main drive gear and cluster gear when the transmission is neutral.
  • The clutch pedal is pressed, and the gear is meshed powering the engine to move the vehicle by shifting the handle.
  • The shift linkage is moved, forking to slide a gear with the mainshaft mounted on the cluster.
  • The mainshaft can have several gears of different diameters and tooth counts.
  • The driver must unmesh one gear before meshing another. Gear clash is a problem with these gears rotating at different speeds.

Constant-mesh type

  • Modern transmissions are a constant mesh type.
  • The gear arrangement is like a sliding gear type.
  • The mainshift gears are in constant mesh with the cluster gears.
  • The gears on the mainshaft are not splined to the shaft but can freely rotate on it.
  • Even when the transmission is neutral, the main drive gear, cluster gear and all the mainshaft gears are always turning.
  • The constant mesh is equipped with synchronizers.
  • The synchronizers include an inner-splined hub, an outer sleeve, shifter plates, lock rings (or springs) and blocking rings.
  • Overdriven five-speed manual transmissions are standard in mostly all passenger cars.
  • Allows the car to operate at lower RPMs and save fuel.
  • Reduces engine rpm by 30 per cent with the same vehicle speed on road resulting in fuel efficiency with less engine wear.
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Automatic transmissions technologies are of many types. You can find the following used transmissions for sale in Big Mouth Direct - Automatic Transmission (AT), Automated-Manual Transmission (AMT), Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT).

Automatic Transmission (AT)

  • Used in modern cars, the technology has been in vehicles since 1940.
  • The gearbox shifts automatically as the vehicle is put in "D" drive.
  • This transmission operates without a clutch pedal and only has a brake and accelerator.
  • The automatic transmission has a torque converter replacing the clutch mechanism of a manual transmission.
  • This makes the gear shifting smooth.
  • Modern automatic transmissions come in 8-100 speed boxes.
  • The more the gear the wider is the use of the engine power resulting in high efficiency and performance.
  • Gear shifting time is quicker than manual.
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Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

  • Also called a semi-automatic transmission (SAT) or clutch less manual transmission (CAT).
  • There are two types of AMT.
  • Single clutch transmission and Dual-clutch transmission.

Single clutch transmission

  • Single clutch transmission is economical.
  • Dual clutch has better performance with smooth gearshifts and swift throttle response.
  • Mechanically they are like a manual transmission.
  • The sensors and actuators replace the clutch work and gear shifting.
  • The AMT vehicles are without a clutch pedal and only have an accelerator and brake pedal.
  • A manual gearshift with gear level for upshifts and downshift.
  • AMTs use hydraulics and computers.
  • They are linked to the Electronic Control Unit or ECU of the vehicle preprogramed gear shifting and work on the RPM (Revolution Per Minute) range.
  • After gauging the system's optimum RPM, the actuators engaged by the ECU operate the clutch and gearbox.
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A dual-clutch transmission (DCT)

  • Also called the twin-clutch transmission.
  • Uses two separate transmissions for odd and even gears.
  • Designed as two separate manual transmissions with their respective clutches working as one unit in one housing.
  • The DCT functions like an automatic transmission where gear changing is not required.
  • The DCT works with one clutch driving even-number gears and the other clutch works on odd number gears.
  • DCT enables preselection of the odd gear while the vehicle is propelled in an even gear or vice versa.
  • Gear shifting happens several times in DCT.
  • The gear shifting is faster than manual and precise.
  • Gear shifting happens without interrupting the torque supply.
  • It uses clutch packs like manual transmission over torque converter that traditional (hydraulic) automatic transmissions use.
  • The DCT clutches can be wet or dry.
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Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

  • The gear changes continuously through a range of gear ratios.
  • Like other transmissions, the steps of gear ratio are fixed.
  • The control and flexibility of the CVT keep the engine at a constant RPM even when the vehicle moves at different speeds.
  • It uses two pulleys that are connected with a belt or chain.
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List of car brands for choosing used transmission for sale

Used Transmission

Find Ford C6 transmission for sale on Big Mouth Direct. The automatic transmission (1966-1996) is lighter, less complex, with less parasitic power loss, has higher torque capacity and can collaborate with larger engines. It has a heavy-duty 3-speed automatic gearbox and was popularly called SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic for its ability to handle torque over the C4 transmission. It is a completely mechanical automatic, without lockup torque convertor or overdrive gears. Big engines in full-size sedans and pickup trucks can check these used transmissions for sale on Big Mouth Direct.

The Turbo Hydromantic 350 transmission is a three-speed automatic transmission designed on Chevy-Buick Combined effort and is also called CBC350. Based on a solid balance of strength and size it fits compactly in smaller vehicles. It has high compatibility with V6 and V8 small block engines. High power jeep users can find turbo 350 transmission for sale on Big Mouth Direct.

The Turbo 400 or TH400 transmission is popularly found on GM cars like Rolls-Royces, Jeeps, Jaguars, Ferraris, etc. The transmission is highly adaptable. This is a three-speed longitudinally positioned 8000 lbs. automatic transmission. It is placed just behind the engine and is also called 3L80. It provides the best power ratio and durability for rear-wheel drives. With a 450 ft. lbs. input torque, the ingenious variable-pitch stator converts the torque characteristics with a two-prong plug on the case. Heavy-duty GM trucks with 2wd and 4wd configurations looking for used turbo 400 transmission for sale can easily find one on Big Mouth Direct.

When to replace the transmission?

  • Automatic transmissions fail between 80,000 and 150,000 miles.
  • Manual transmissions can fail sooner at 80,000 miles.
  • Problems in shifting gears and your vehicle jerks or shakes.
  • Strange sounds coming from your engine when you shift gears.
  • Excessive friction causes the transmission fluid to burn.
  • Blot fluid on a paper towel to check leakage.
  • Transmission fluid has a reddish or orange color, dark reddish or dark orange suggests dirt buildup.

What to look for in used transmission for sale

  • A visual inspection is important.
  • Look for broken bolts.
  • Look for debris, it shows that the transmission has been kept outside and is uncared.
  • Rust in dowel pins shows it was left outside.
  • Spin the transmission manually to hear any kind of strange noise. Check if it spins easily and does not stop. Check each gear individually.
  • Check the sealing to see if there are redone signs.
  • Check for hairline cracks and welding.

Benefits of using the used transmission.

  • Costs less than an OEM transmission.
  • Buying from a reliable online store will ensure a good purchase.
  • Comes with a warranty.

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