A vehicle's transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels in order to move the vehicle in the forward or backward direction desired. Transmissions are in constant use and are subject to much wear and tear. Sometimes people forget to check and change the fluid in their transmission on a regular basis, which can lead to transmission problems. This may result in your transmission working for as long as it could and now it will have to be replaced.
The obvious question is whether you should buy used auto parts or used car body parts, especially when it comes to a used transmission. When used transmissions are purchased from auto junkyards or auto salvage yards, there is significant financial risk. Of course, buying used transmissions will save you a lot of money. However, it's wise to be smart about your money and how to find, not only the best deal, but the best used transmission. You begin to eliminate risk when you purchase a used transmission from Big Mouth Direct instead of from the nearest junkyard or salvage yard near where you live or work. Big Mouth Direct has a network of thousands of sources for used transmissions across the U.S. and has experience and developed confidence in certain of the junkyards from which it sources used transmissions, which lessens your financial risk. Big Mouth Direct understands that it will likely take you up to 10 hours, or possibly longer, to install a used transmission into your vehicle. So, the used transmission you purchase has to be right.
Big Mouth Direct has access to a vast inventory of used transmissions, both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions. We can save you time, money and energy compared to you randomly hunting for the right used transmission for your vehicle.
Most importantly, Big Mouth Direct stands behind the used transmissions it sells with its limited Warranty. Make sure you ask our expert technician about our Warranty when you discuss purchasing a used transmission from us. Big Mouth Direct is a name you can trust. Our team has been selling auto parts and tires since 1975.