A tail light is the part of the lighting system of a vehicle attached in front and at the rear part of the vehicle. Tail lights usually come in pairs and have many different types of functions. A few functions of tail lights is to signal if the vehicle is turning left or right , going to reverse or is parked when the driver steps on the brakes.
Major Role
The signal lights are part of the tail lamp assembly, usually in yellow colour. They are used to indicate whether a vehicle is going to turn left or right. The reverse lights are also part of the tail assembly to indicate if the vehicle is going to reverse.
Package Details
Housing and Lens
Sold Separately
All mountings will be checked and the lens will be inspected for cracks. Bulbs and wiring harness.
Part Description
The taillight assembly is basically the rear lights and the brake lights as one unit. These are sold as complete units with the lens and the mounting bracket as one piece. The part, 166 (tail light) is an easy part to sell and the only thing you have to verify is whether the lens is cracked, normally the distributors notes will tell you this. In some cases, cars have 4 taillights or 3 taillights instead of just two (1 on each side). In those cases, it is necessary to confirm which one the customer has. Hollander will normally ask you if it is a 'quarter mounted or 'lid mounted'. The Quarter mounted is the ones on the outside of the car and the lid mounted are the ones on the trunk lid. Also, some cars just have one big tail lamp across the back and you will be able to tell as they only give you one option when you look up for the part. Only a few cars have a single tail lamp. It is worth mentioning this as it will make a difference in shipping the part. Shipping Normally 15-20 dollars but on a large 1 piece style it could be 50 - 75 dollars (rare) Dimensions Varies