A steering column is used for energy dissipation management in the event of a frontal collision. It’s used to provide mounting for the multi-function switch, column lock, column wiring, column shroud, transmission gear selector, gauges and other instruments as well as the electro motor and gear units found in EPAS and SbW systems. It also provides adjustment to suit driver preference. Major Role: A steering column is a device intended primarily for connecting the steering wheel to the steering mechanism or transferring the drivers input torque from the steering wheel. Modern vehicles are now fitted with a steering lock which is an anti-theft device. It is fitted to the steering column usually below the steering wheel.
Package Details
Complete Column assembly with switches column cover (Cowl) and signal levers
Sold Separately
Ignition switch with key is typically included but if required please notify us. Will be check to confirm tilt, column shift, floor shift options. Air bag will not be included. intermediate shaft will not be guaranteed.
Part Description
The steering column is the shaft that starts at the steering wheel and goes down through the firewall of the car and connects to the steering rack (551). It consists of the turn signal switches, covers and the shaft of the column. They are around 3 to 4 feet long. When selling or ordering a steering column there are usually several options that Hollander will ask. Questions such as floor shift or column shift, cruise control or not, pulse wipers, tilt or not etc. You must determine these from the customer and normally they will know. Sometimes the customer will need the key with it, since the ignition module (where you stick the key in) is part of the column. If they do not get the key they have to get it re-keyed. If the customer does not mention it (web order) then we do not have to send. If you are on the phone with them then confirm. If the customer requests a certain color then try to find if they are very particular as they can dye the outside plastic portion and the steering wheel. Questions to ask: Do they need the key? (Don't make a big deal out of it unless they do. You can get it keyed for 20 bucks or so but if you make a big deal out of it, the customer may get nervous and not do the sale. It also broadens your ability to buy the part.) Make sure when ordering that they specify it has the steering wheel. We do not included air bags Shipping Around 25-35 dollars on columns.