A spindle knuckle is that part which contains the wheel hub or spindle, and attaches to the suspension components. It is variously called spindle uptight or hub as well. The wheel and tire assembly attach to the hub or spindle of the knuckle where the tire/wheel rotates.
Major Role
The knuckle usually has a spindle onto which the brake drum or brake rotor attaches. The wheel/tire assembly then attaches to the supplied lug studs, and the whole assembly rotates freely on the shaft spindle. The knuckle has no spindle but rather has a hub into which is affixed the bearings and shaft.
Package Details
Spindle/Knuckle Only Hub may be included in particular models
Sold Separately
Will be inspected before shipping Bushings not guaranteed Hub may be included, but not guaranteed
Part Description
The part at the end of the front suspension shaped similar to a cone that the hub rides on.Make sure that when selling or ordering that you are clear what the customer expects. Many times they include the HUB as they are connected. In some cases a person may have to buy the spindle to get the HUB as they do not separate in some cases. Just be sure to ask these questions when selling