Mirrors allow the driver to observe what is happening around the vehicle. They are the most important visual driving aid, and are vital for safe driving. The purpose of side view mirror is to let the driver know what is happening behind. The car mirrors should be used frequently.
Major Role
The side view mirrors are convex mirrors which are made using curved glass. Convex mirrors give a wider field of vision, however, they make judging the speed and position of following traffic more difficult. Vehicles will appear smaller and further away than they actually are.
Package Details
Housing Glass Mirror
Sold Separately
Please specify all options before ordering We inspect the glass and movement of the glass before shipping WE DO NOT PROMISE ON COLOR MATCHING Wiring harness Color match
Part Description
The door mirror is the rear view mirror attached to both the driver and passenger side doors. This part consists of the plastic or chrome housing (that is either color coded to match the car, black or chrome), the motor behind the glass (if electric) and the glass mirror itself. Types of Mirrors: Electric(You have an electric button inside the car to move the mirrors) Electric -Heated Manual (You have to manually adjust the mirror) Cable (You have a knob in the car that has to be used to adjust manually) In some newer cars, there are other features like built in turn signals with the glass, auto dimming and ground effects. Most of these options are differentiated in Hollander. The main thing to know on mirrors is what type the customer has: Electric/heated etc. When ordering, you must make sure that the distributor has inventoried the part correctly. In some vehicles, the way to determine if the part is heated is by checking the plug configuration. For heated, it might be an 8 pin style plug and for non-heated it might be a 6 pin. Most of the times, there is a small defrost symbol on the glass to tell you if it is heated. If the customer cannot determine what they need, then tell them to get their VIN and call the dealer and confirm the details. WE DO NOT COLOR MATCH The other option the customer has to choose is 'flag mount' or sail mount mirror, if the mirror itself is attached to a L type frame that is connected to the door then it is Sail mount. This is the case on large trucks. Questions to ask: Electric or manual? Which side? Shipping: $15 Dimensions: The size of the mirror is around 8 inches wide and they weight around 3-4 lbs.