Scion was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Cooperation. This brand has a specific goal from they have been launched to till present which is satisfy the Generation Y people who are born in 1990s and grew up with the technologies. In the event of Los Angeles Auto Show on 2nd of January 2003, Scion has launched their new models called “2004 XA” and “2004 XB”. After the launching event, Toyota has started to sale this model vehicle through its dealerships in California and also this model was only available under those particular dealers. Scion has slowly started to expanding their markets to South, Southeast and other parts in that same year of 2004: particularly they have been spread out to the whole nation only in June 2004 while they were launching their new model called “ 2005 TC”. In 2006 Scion has launched their new model XB and this model vehicles have T2B concept which means a compact model built using the five axis model and have 5 doors like a hatchback: also this models is an apparently a heir of XA model of Scion. Both of these models were come to public during the event of Chicago Auto Show on February 2007. After the launch of the Scion XB series, Scion has decided to manufacture the limited edition carriages with exclusive accessories. This decision and products have made a huge success to Scion due to its rare colours like orange, yellow and other few, these colures were not commonly used in the automobile products before.