In January 7th 1985, this brand was launched due to the success full lines of the German and Japan automobile manufacturers in United States in the period of 1980s. almost all of the automobiles were had partnerships or been fully owned subsidiary of General motors but unlike all other brands, this brand hadn’t got any partnership deals with GM in the initial stages of their establishment, not only that but also this manufacturer had the separate manufacturing factory which is located in Spring Hill and was having the own dealers all around the world. However Saturn has started to share the designs and manufacturing sources with General Motors after the several years from they have get stabled as a brand in the market. In the models of Saturn such as 8-passenger vehicle, we can feel the special benefit-able features like fuel efficiency, this models vehicles were best in class highway economy. Saturn brand has two division which are being separating by two colours, those are red and Green. The red colour division called “Red Line” and they were focusing on performance based carriages and the green colour division called “Green Line” and they were focusing on environment friendly vehicles. In 2004 Saturn has launched two new models named “Vue” and “Ion Red Line”, after three years which was in 2007 Saturn has launched their another new model named “AURA Green line” and this model had the combination of Vue model., in the same year Saturn have launched another model called “ Sky Red line” as well.