This brand is a Sweden based automobile manufacturer and well known as Saab Automobile AB. This is fully owned by the General Motors and being as a subsidiary of them. This brand has some unique characteristics and those were the things that made this brand very popular in the market, they are turbo chargers, green technology and safety layers which all are these have been used in this brand models. This brand was not launched as an independent company; it has been started as division of an Aeroplane company in Sweden. In the end of the world war2 this aeroplane company has decided to expand their markets and finally in 1944 they have started to produce their maiden passenger car and that project has been called “Project 92”. After Saab started their “92” project then they has designed few models in cars but in all of their models we could see the resemblance of their aviation designs. In 1955 they have redesigned the “92” model and it renamed as “93”. The recreation has done by the major replacement which was about cylinders: it has been upgraded to 3 cylinders in the “93” model. After several years passed, Saab was in a need of a large model than their existing vehicles and in 1967 they have launched their model called “Saab 99” and it has fulfilled their need so. The other speciality of this model was, this was the last car has designed by “SixtenSason” who was the senior design engineer, has designed all the models of Saab till Saab99.