This brand is a foremost automobile manufacturer based in France. This brand was founded in 1899 and during the beginning periods this brand has manufactured cars, vans, heavy vehicles and buses/coaches. Also from the very initial stages of Renault, it had many partnerships deals till present. Among Renault’s partnership automobiles we can consider the Nissan Automobile Cooperation as the most successful partnership with Renault and this combination was on peak during the periods of 1990s. Also the Formula 1 racing and global markets statistics were exploring this combination results at that time. Renault’s brands vehicles are can be seen in any part of the world in nowadays. In the beginning of the year 2000, Renault has focusing on the heavy vehicle manufacturing and they have even stopped it and they have started again to focus on their successful models like mid-range vehicles for the common people. In 2013 the Renault was grabbed the eleventh place in the biggest automobile company I worldwide and this ranking has been done by OICA (International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturer) based on the production capacity and also this brand’s sales were headed more than 50 percentage from the outside of the European continent: this can be also reason for the ranking. Renault model vehicles have won so many awards. Importantly we have to mention the award called “European Car of The Year” had been won by Renault for six times in the past forty years and those models were Renault 16 , Renault9 and other four models for different years, also it has won other awards in other countries like Spain, Australia and so on.