A rear bumper is a metal bar or beam, attached to the vehicles rear most ends. It is made to absorb impact in a collision. Rear bumpers have been implemented to allow a vehicle to sustain a low speed impact without damage to the vehicles safety system.
Major Role
Low speed collisions occur every day on congested streets and parking lots here bumpers play an important role. They avoid costly damage to the vehicle or none at all. The rear bumpers are designed to protect car bodies from damage in collisions, absorbing crash energy.
Package Details
Bumper Cover Absorber or Reinforcer Rebar or Mounting Bar
Sold Separately
Bumpers will have normal wear with no major defects. Expect 1 hour of work to repair minor blemishes Chrome will be inspected to ensure no pealing Please be sure to specify if bumper is chrome or painted Lights Emblems
Part Description
Rear Bumper - The rearmost part of the car, it absorbs the impact in a rear collision. The bumper itself is most often a pressed sheet metal panel, though it can be made of other impact absorbing materials. The entire bumper assembly will consist of the bumper itself, the decorative covering, valance panels to help it blend in with the lines of the vehicle, and the bumper shock absorbers.