Porsche is a German based automobile brand which is kwon as “Porsche SE” as well. This company is originally founded by an Austrian Engineer in 1931 in Austria. Afterwards they have moved the offices and all the manufacturing operations to Stuttgart Germany. This brand is luxurious automobiles production and the majority of shares were owned by Porsche and Pi family. Also this brand is specializing in Sports cars, SUV S AND Sedans too. Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche AG which is well known as Porsche Ag, which is been considering as an asset of this brand. Volkswagen Ag is also having lump amount of shares in this company. This company’s head office is located in Zuffenhausen city which is situated in Stuttgart city in Germany. Porsche brand has served during the word war by producing military vehicles such as heavy tanks and other few models. Porsche has the logo of representing the arms of Stuttgart and it’s placed in the middle of their badge when the car manufacturing has started in Stuttgart Germany. Porsche has two subsidiaries those are Bertrandt Ag which is a consultancy of German Engineering and Design and the other one is Mieschke Hofmann und Partner which shares of more than 80 percentages is owned by Porsche. Porsche has more than one plants across the Germany one is in Stuttgart and other one is in Leipzig where the models called “Cayenne” and “Panamera” are been made. In 2008 Porsche has totally sold more than 98000 cars within Germany and worldwide.in the recent times this brand tastes the extreme success in the sales.