Pontiac automobile brand is a subsidiary of General Motors based in United States. This brand has been marketing their products in United States, Canada and Mexico from 1926. In the early periods this brand was marketed as the “Athletic” brand of General Motors and focused on main stream performance vehicles manufacturing. After some of the struggles Pontiac had come up with their new model named “Firebird 1982” and it was considered as a re-birth to Pontiac brand. Firebird brand was designed a wedge shape and that was the maiden major recreation of the pony car model of 1970 which was a respected edition of Pontiac. This Firebird model was become an instant success and that success have provide the confident and strength to Pontiac to create more vehicles based on high performance in the following years. During the periods of 1980s Chrysler has launched their K-Car and had the successful sales record on that, so General Motors were in a position to launch a competitor for the Chrysler model and General Motors has launched Pontiac’s brand model called “Fiero” in 1984 and it was a successful model too. Unfortunately in 2009, General Motors has announced that they are going to stop the manufacturing under the Pontiac brand and they are going to focus on other subsidiaries such as Cadillac and Buick. The last vehicle was built in January 2010 under the Pontiac brand. However Pontiac was a very popular vehicle in all over the world particularly in Canada.