Plymouth is an automobile brand which is based in United States. This brand’s marketing had been conducting by two automobile cooperation which were Chrysler and DaimlerChrysler. This brand was originally founded in July 7th 1928. This company has launched as a subsidiary of Chrysler Cooperation as they needed a separate division for low prize vehicles due to the tight competition of other automobile companies at that period particularly Chevrolet and Ford. However this Plymouth brand carriages had a little bit high prize than the other brand vehicles in the market but theses brand vehicles had more features than the other automobile brands such as external Hydraulic brakes and other few. As we have seen in the initial lines that the Chrysler cooperation was the inventor of this brand but in 1929 when Plymouth has launched their new model called “Model U”, they haven’t used the word Chrysler in their nameplate of this model. Plymouth’s original intention is to focusing on the low range vehicles and in 1930 Plymouth has saved the Chrysler Cooperation from closing down during the period of Great Depression. After the survival of Chrysler they have started to sale the Plymouth brands under their three main divisions called Chrysler, DeSoto and Dodge. As the results of the manufacturing, Plymouth has manufactured more than 400000 vehicles in 1939: there were nearly 5967 vehicles were roadsters in the whole number of vehicles. In 1939 the event of World’s Fair, the 1939 Roadster of Plymouth had been showcased by Chrysler cooperation and announced as mass production revocable with power folding top.