This brand is originally based in France and it holds the place of second in largest automobile manufacturers list among European continents. In 1810 this company has originally founded and it was manufacturing coffee mills and bicycles and in the end of 1890s this brand was started to manufacture cars and had an unpretentious beginning in the very early stages. As they are having more than a century history they have expanded their manufacturing range to mid-size vehicles from smaller ones and through the way they have earned fane, name and popularity as well. Due to this brand’s stylishness of French and European effects the Unites States market has more opportunities for this brand to do the sales there in near future. Peugeot has a very large plant for their manufacturing and they have Peugeot museum too in France.In 2014 this company and its shareholders are planned to do the re-investments when the French Government and Dongfeng motors have bought 14 percentages of the shares each of Peugeot Company. Peugeot had archived so many awards for its models such as “European Car of the Year”. In the years of 2013 and 2014 Peugeot has achieved the second rank in lowest CO2 secretion among the European continents automobile brands. For example of Peugeot’s reliabilities we can see the Peugeot’s 1950s and 1960s car still being used by people in Africa and in and Cuba, in those places this brand has being called as “The lion” for long. Not only these proudest things but also Peugeot have another proudest thing that its model Peugeot Sport has won five times World Rally Championship.