Oldsmobile was founded by Ransom E. Olds in 1897. General Motors had been teaming up with this brand and manufactured most of this brand’s models under its cooperation. Oldsmobile has a long history of 102 years and they have manufacture more than 35.2 million cars since they have started to till present. This brand has few factories well known as “plants” in automobile field in different places. One of their factories was situated in Lansing in Michigan; it had produced more than 14 million cars and this numbers are highly more than the products manufactured by other factories. This brand is holding the glory of oldest automobile brand in United States and if we look worldwide then this brand is in third place in the oldest automobile lists after Daimler and Peugeot brands. In the initial periods this brand models cars were called “Olds automobiles” and later it became as Oldsmobile as it referred from its old name. In 1937 this brand has launched a four speed semi-automatic transmission and it was named as “Automatic Safety Transmission”. But this technology has developed by Buick brand but they were applied and marketed the first vehicle with this accessory only in 1938. The models like Cutlass Supreme which was marked during the periods of 1967 and 1997: This model had more luxury facilities and had high performance than the other products and some less prized products like Cutlass S models which are the important models in Oldsmobile history.