Nissan is the most popular automobile manufacturer based in Japan who is holding the successful history since they began. In the early periods this brand had the name like “Nissan Jidosha” and later they have compressed the name to Nissan. This bran d has founded in 1932 and their head office is situated in Ginza which is located in Chuo city in Tokyo. Among the Asian countries Nissan is in the first three places of largest automobile companies and in United States this brand is in the third place in the list of largest Japanese automobile manufacturers. The brand name “Nissan” called in different styles by different country people and “Datsun” was one of the names in the initial periods. Nissan had many subsidiaries under its control, Infiniti brand is one of those, and actually Nissan had launched this luxury model and marketed too. In 1930 Nissan had been pronounced like “Nippon Sangyo” in the Japanese stock market. In 1934, Nissan had launched a company called “Nissan Motor Company” and this was controlled by Nippon Sangyo and Hitachi cooperation at that time. Not only car manufacturing but also Nissan was on the board of building trucks, aeroplanes, engines and so many other manufacturing. Particularly the engines manufacturing has started by Nissan for the special purpose of Japanese military. The name “Nissan Heavy Industries Cooperation” was used by Nissan in the period of 1947 and 1948. In Nissan’s history, they had combinations and had partnerships with quit few other automobiles cooperation such as Ford, Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo and other few.

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