Mitsubishi group is largest cooperation based in Japan and the Mitsubishi brand is one of their businesses. The person called “Yatarolwasaki” has founded this group in 1870 as shipping company in Japan. Only in 1873 the company got the name of “Mitsubishi Shokai”. The group was conducting business in several fields such as shipbuilding, banking, and insurance and warehousing at that time. After wards they have extended their business to steel glass, paper, electrical equipment and aircrafts too. After being such a big cooperation, they have played a vital role in the Japan’s economy for long and took part in the modernization in Japan. Particularly in the periods of 1950s and 1960 Mitsubishi has took part in the Japan’s unheard growth in their economy because of Mitsubishi’s new subsidiary companies like Mitsubishi Petrochemical, Mitsubishi Atomic Power Industry and Petroleum Gas Development company, these were launched in that period. Around 500 subsidiaries were been operating under Mitsubishi group and they employed more than 54000 employers. Not only within Japan but also Mitsubishi was dealing with many countries in different continents especially they were engaged in metals, machinery, chemicals and so many other dealings.In 2007 Mitsubishi has reached more than 1.3 million carriages under its manufacturing totally. As we have mentioned that Mitsubishi has more than 500 subsidiaries in the second paragraph, in that case we can take some of the core members of Mitsubishi in special such as The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company Mitsubishi, Inc. Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd and so many others on.