Mercury was founded in 1939 by “Edsel Ford” and it was a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Cooperation. This brand was used to market the budding luxury cars which are been place between Ford original brands and Lincoln brand vehicles and this brand is well known for its performance particularly. The word “Mercury “was took from the Roman mythology and it means “Messenger if the gods”. This brand is being used by many of the countries in different continents, mostly used in United States, Mexico, Virgin Islands and in Gulf countries too. Unfortunately in 1999 the Mercury brand was stopped making sales in Canada but the brand called “Grand Marquis” was used the Mercury’s badge and sold their products until 2007. Mercury has few combinations in their history and the first combination with Lincoln manufacturer in 1945. In 1949 Mercury has launched their first new look of the integrated bodies, meanwhile the Ford and the Lincoln brands also completely changed their styles of their vehicles at that time. In 1958 Mercury which was being operated under the Lincoln cooperation as Lincoln-Mercury division and Edsel brand joint together and become Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln division. After the death of the Edsel in 1960 the joint venture was keep maintaining their combination for ever. In the period of 2008 Mercury had some struggles and many of the industrialists predicted that this Mercury brand will not be for long but with the help of the affiliated cooperation Lincoln the Mercury brand managed to get back to usual and be alive because all Lincoln dealers were started to sell the Mercury vehicles along with Lincoln products in their showrooms and for their clients.