This brand is a German based manufacturer; not only the cars but also this company produce buses, coaches and tricks too. At the present this brand is operating as a part of its parent company called “Daimler AG”. The person called “Karl Benz” is created the first vehicle in January1886 and the maiden venture of this brand has come to the market in 1901 only. In 1926 this company has started to produce their products under the name of Mercedes Benz. The brand has invented so many new technologies and safeness automobile parts and implemented in their carriages, in later the inventions are been used by the other manufactures in their products also. Mercedes is maintaining their quality and durability in their models since from the beginning t now and keeping the reputation and popularity in top always. In 2005 Mercedes bran had some struggle periods and they were dropped down in the market. However in 2007 they have managed to reached the formal place and reputation, for example they have come to fifth pace from 25th place in the automobile industry and got more and more achievement awards for their products. Among the awards, the “Platinum Plant Quality Award2 is the important in grabbed by Mercedes for its plant in Sindelfingen located in Germany. In 9151 Mercedes has created the most innovative part which was called “Safety cage” or “Safety cell”: this creation was become the most popular and most wanted thing based on secureness in the automobile industry. Anti-lock brakes, Traction control and other few discoveries were took Mercedes to the top in the European market.