In 1920, Mazda was founded in Japan and it is a very popular brand within Japan as well. The person called “Jujiro Matsuda” is the founder of this brand who was a spiritualist and the brand name also adopted from part of his name. But at the same time in the Mazda’s official web page, they states like the name is originally became from the name “Ahura Mazda” which means the god of light, intelligence and wisdom. Fuchu city of Japan has Mazda’s head office and it is situated in Hiroshima district. Mazda is a successful brand in automobile industry and Mazda vehicles are being used by many parts of the countries, not only in Asian but also in other continents. The main manufacturing factory is based in Japan; meanwhile Mazda has so many other plants which mean for various kinds of purposes Mazda has small other manufacturing factories in different countries. In 2007 Mazda has delivered more than 1.3 million carriages for the worldwide sales, in these products, Mazda has manufactured nearly one million vehicles from their Japanese factory particularly. Mazda has reached the fifteenth place in the World biggest automobile production companies list in 2011. Mazda was having many badges in different periods, for example during the period of 1934 and 1936 Mazda had badge which concludes only the word “Mazda” in stylish format. After wards they keep changing their logo and finally from 1997 to present they are having a stylish logo with a winged “M”.

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