Lincoln is founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland and in 1922 Ford Motor Cooperation has took the whole control by purchasing it. Since from 1920 Lincoln has been manufacturing vehicles independently and as a subsidiary till now. Leland was inspired by Abraham Lincoln and he imagined him as a hero in his life that was why he kept “Lincoln” for his establishment. Lincoln manufactures has been in the automobile manufacturing industry for such long and as a proudest thing is they provide Limousines vehicles for United States president. In 1939, Lincoln has manufactured their maiden product called “Sunshine Special” which was purposely made for the usage of president and it was used by Franklin D. Roosevelt; until 1950 this car was in use. Not only the president Roosevelt but also the presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and some other presidents have used the Lincoln vehicle called “Bubble Top” in 1950s. Particularly the President Kennedy’s car was designed by Hess and Eisenhart and this model was well known in the model name of “SS100X”. For Lincoln’s pretty and stylish aspect, the secret services also had used these cars at those periods. In the following years Lincoln made vehicles used by the recent time presidents Gerald Ford, Reagan and Bush. In 2007 Lincoln brand was changed their naming system for their products and it was a three letter naming system which means each model name is in three letters and compulsorily having “MK” as the beginning. We can consider Lincoln L series vehicles, K series products, and many other till Lincoln MKT as the best products in Lincoln history