Structure wise Land Rover brand vehicles are usually big than the other manufacture’s product that’s why it’s commonly called “all-terrain” vehicle and it’s been using for various purposes. This brand is running their operations based in the city called Solihull in United Kingdom. In April 1948, a civil usage terrain vehicle is launched in Amsterdam Motor show and that was the original first carriage, later become the brand called Land Rover. At the current the sales of the Land Rover brand is being operated by TATA motors under the division Jaguar Land Rover. In the initial stages this brand had the manufacturing operations in Solihull which is situated near Birmingham city but the model named “Freelander” was manufactured at Halewood which is a small city situated near Liverpool where the Jaguar car factory is located. Models which were based defending structure has been manufactured in different countries while holding the relevant license for example we can consider the countries such as Spain, Iran, Brazil and Turkey. Apart from the manufacturing factories, the technical division of Land Rover was located in Gaydon city in Warwickshire where the research and development activities also were happened. When the launch of this brand happened, Land Rover was not an independent company; it was a marque of Rover’s group, after several years Land Rover became independent. At that time Land Rover was producing variety of four wheels carriages under the control of British Leyland, BMW and other few