Kia is not an independent company; this brand is a subsidiary of Hyundai Kia Automotive group which operations are controlling by its CEO who is Chung Eui-sun. Kia has originally founded for manufacturing steel and the bicycles in South Korea in 1944 in the name “Kyungsing Precision Industry. Later in 1952 the company has changed their name as “Kia” and started to manufacture cars, trucks and two wheelers too. In 1986 Kia has get merged with Ford automobiles and began to produce the Mazda based vehicles for the common use by normal people and began the exporting too to other continents. In these models Pride and Avella also included which were greatly sold out in Northern part of United States and in Australian content in the name of Ford Fesiva and Ford Aspire in order. As a proud moment of Kia Motors America, they have sponsored the event of first United States Assemble plant in West point in Georgia in the huge cost of one billion dollars in October 2006. At the present Kia has become the fastest growing automobile manufacturer purposely for their car models in United Kingdom, this growth has happened after Kia has focused on their sales and operations In European continents from 2005.