In 1941 the Jeep bran was founded and it was the subsidiary of Chrysler cooperation. Its head office is situated in the state called Ohio in United States. Jeep is a vehicle which mist y used to drive in the un common roads and it was very oldest brand as well. During the period of Second World War this brand carriages become very popular due to its longevity and its usage in the off roads. Among the other off road vehicle brands we can contemplate Jeep is the most powerful and low prized vehicle which is been widely using by many countries in all continents. Not even in the world war but also during the millennium years Jeep has been used by the United States postal departments for to carry the loads and for other important purposes. The original Jeep was made in 1941 which purposely made for the Army and the carriage was having four wheels which are known as SUV vehicle later. If we question like what are the capabilities of Jeep which run in off roads the n we will get some answers related to its structure mainly and the axis of the tires, its strength and how they rotates. Jeep’s product called “Wrangler” is a most promising example model for off road vehicle. In the different periods, different automobile cooperation has owned this brand particularly Chrysler, American Motor Company and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles which is being an owner of Jeep brand since 2014 till present. As of Jeep’s successful history they gave some wonderful sponsorship such as Italian Football Club Shirt sponsorship in 2012 and in 2014 they have signed a sponsor deal with Athens football club.