Isuzu brand is well known for their heavy duty trucks and other vehicles and it based in Japan. Their head office is located in the capital of Japan, Tokyo and the actual name is “Isuzu Motors Ltd”. The Isuzu has founded in 1916 by Tokyo Company who was the biggest oil and gasoline manufacturer and renamed as Isuzu in 1934 but formation of this brand has happened in 1937 and its being a successful manufacturer in automobile industry. In heavy vehicle manufacturing this brand was declared as largest manufacturer in worldwide for those particular heavy models. Not only the heavy based vehicles but also they do production of Diesel engines and they have produced more than 16 million engines in 2003. Isuzu has many subsidiaries under its control such as “Anadolu Isuzu”, “Isuzu Afra Motor Indonesia” and so many on. Fujisawa, Tochigi and Hokkaido, these are the cities in Japan where the parts of the Isuzu vehicles have been assembled. Primarily Isuzu has targeted on their commercial diesel trucks and buses and nowadays almost many of the automobile manufacturing companies use Isuzu’s diesel engines, Ford and Renault were also not exceptional. As we mentioned in the initial lines Isuzu is well known for their truck based vehicles and their more popular in Asian and African continents too. But in the 1990s Isuzu has collapsed on the sales of their small level sedans and cars. However Isuzu managed to do lack of sales in United States and get abandoned the sales. 7th of November 2007, Toyota has obtained the 5.9% and after that Isuzu became the third largest shareholder of Toyota.