Infiniti is not an independent mobile manufacture but it is a division of Nisan Motor Company based in Japan. Sales of this luxury brand were officially begun on 8th of November 1989 in Northern part of United States and it has been operating in many part of the world like European countries, Mexico and in Asian countries too. At the current Infiniti have more than 230 dealers in their network in so many countries. In Japan, Infinity has get introduced in 2013 and the first vehicle went to sale on 2014 which was named “Infiniti Q50 “which was keeping the name of the Nissan skyline. However in Japan, this model did not make any sales but Nissan Q45 has been sold as “Nissan Infiniti Q45” until end of 1996. In 2012, Infiniti has shifted their head office from the Nissan building and made a legal cooperation in Hog Kong in the name of “Infiniti Global Limited” with Carlos Ghosan who is the chairman of various automobile companies. After the separation “Johan De Nysschen” has become the head of Infiniti in 2012. In 2013, Infiniti has showcased their new model car called “Q30” in Frankfurt Motor Show and after that Infiniti has made a expressive impact and had a good start in their sales. After producing the Q60 crossover known as JX35, Infiniti has started to launch their products outside Japan officially. At the present Infiniti is on producing television series too such as “Where are we going dad” which was a Chinese television series, along with their automobile manufacturing.