The ignition switch in a car has numerous purposes. It allows a person to control the power of the many accessories of a car, preventing these accessories from draining the battery of a car when a car is parked. The switch is a switch that activated the main electrical systems of a vehicle provides power to the starter solenoid and the ignition system components.
Major Role
The ignition switch also has the primary function of connecting the starter to the battery. This allows the battery to send a powerful surge of energy to the starter when the car, thus allowing the car to be started.
Package Details
Switch and Key
Sold Separately
Will be tested to ensure proper function Steering column or column switches
Part Description
The ignition switch, used to start or turn off the vehicle. Normally activated by the ignition keys. It may also have an "Accessory" setting for operating many of the vehicle's features (such as the radio) without turning the vehicle on.