Hyundai is a largest cooperation in automobile manufacturing industry based in South Korea which consolidates many brands under its umbrella. Chung-Ju-Yung was the founder of this group in 1947 and the company has established as construction firm at that time. Their headquarters is located in Seoul city of South Korea. The word “Hyundai” gets the meaning like modernity in English. Hyundai grabs the fifth position in worldwide in biggest automobile manufacturers and take place as 4th among Asian countries. The actual Hyundai motor company has founded in 1967and they started to export to worldwide and get sold all of those in different continents of world. The badge of the Hyundai has the showy “H” and it has used to represent the name of the brand. Around the 1990s Hyundai has more than 60 subsidiary companies and more than 200000 employers itself and had earned over 90 million US dollars as annual revenue. In 1997 there was a huge financial crisis spread out through the world and of course in Asian continents too. Meanwhile the founder of the company, Chung also died in 2001, after these two incidents happened; Hyundai group had reorganization and went through some struggles as well. Also Hyundai group was broke down and after 2001 they conduct only elevator manufacturing, shipping services and tourism. Number of few companies has “Hyundai” in their names at the current are not legally affiliated to the original Hyundai group, however some of the Chung’s relations are keep running some of the subsidiaries of Hyundai group still now.