This brand is purposely of the trucks manufacturing and SUV’s. AM Genres Cooperation was the parent company of Hummer which has designed it and Am was being a subsidiary of American Motor Cooperation at that time. Around1979 the Army of the United States was on hunting for a manufacturer who can design a truck based vehicle for multi purposes and among four big competitors Hummer has won the race and they have designed and delivered the first demo version of the carriage which was having new designs on 1982. The first contact was signed on 1983 to produce more than 55000 vehicles to Army forces and later the contract was raised by more 15000 products. Not only for the vehicles to armed forces but also AM general has decided to launch and market a civilian version of Humvee in 1980 which was the Hummer product to the United States Army, this version had the same structure as an Army vehicle but they have changed the interior based technologies actually added some like air condition system, sound system and so on whichever relates to normal people. In 1992 AM General has begun the sales f this civilian version named “Hummer”. Raving based vehicles also been created by this brand, in 1993. Hummer race team has designed the new racing vehicle with safety systems, absorbers and big tires. In the following years in Dakar rally races this vehicle has placed the positions including 10 and the two wheel race vehicle designed by the same team won the Baja 1000 race as well.