Honda is one the most popular and huge cooperation in Japan. It does engine manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing and many other automobile operations under one roof. “The power of Dreams” is the original slogan of Honda but they never used to stick it in their products. Honda’s most of the advertising was targeted to United Kingdom through campaigns ad through media such as television advertising and social Medias through internet. At the same time they did not do any broadcasting advertisements in the northern part of United States but they do through internet only. Not only the cars but also this brand manufactures other kind of carriages such as motorcycles, trucks, robots, few models of aircrafts, generators, engines of marine ships, domestic equipment like garden tools and mobile versions too. Luxury cars also weren’t an exceptional for Honda and they produce and kept different names for different countries such as “Acura” northern part of United States and “Hongda” for China. In the world Honda is grabbing the sixth place of largest automobile manufactures list. Not only this Honda brand is the largest engine manufacturer worldwide as it produces more than 14 million engines per each year. For creating various types of advertisement Honda gives more importance to it and following different styles than the other manufactures in the field. For example we can take the advertisement that had launched in United Kingdom called Cog advertisement in 2003. In the following years the dream advertisements had issued and in 2007 Honda had introduced the animations in their advertisements which were initially launched in the United States.