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How much does it cost to replace a headlight assembly?

The headlight assembly replacement cost generally varies according to the cost and the make of the car. If you take the car to the dealership you will need to pay more as the product quality will be equivalent to the cost. The OEM cost of halogen bulbs is within $15-$20. Aftermarket headlight replacement of high-intensity bulbs is $100 while the cost of replacing the entire headlight assembly ranges from $250-$700. When having a headlight assembly replacement, it is better to get a complete replacement to avoid uneven headlight bulbs. If you wish to select OEM headlight assembly, the cost could be between $300 to over $2000 for a piece. The aftermarket headlight assembly will cost one-third of that. A BMW headlight assembly without a bulb and accessories can cost as much as $985. LED bulbs in Honda Civic or a top-end Mercedes-Benz which are long-lasting and cost less are priced at $100-$300. Aftermarket headlight assembly for the top companies is normally from $50-$75 excluding labor cost. This could easily steep to $110 if not more. Still, you gain. Find the best prices for aftermarket headlight assembly from Big Mouth Direct.

Are Aftermarket headlight assembly good?
  • The quality of the aftermarket headlight depends on the source that you select to purchase your headlight assembly.
  • A responsible aftermarket online store will ensure that you are sold the best product that will last for years without any interruptions.
What must you check?
  • The headlight assembly housing quality.
  • The housing should be such that it does not scatter the beam in different directions. Scattering deflects the driving quality. The aftermarket headlight assembly replacement should not be too difficult for you to manage. Quality manufacturers usually ensure that the replacement process is user friendly. Aftermarket headlights offer the option of being creative in using different brands of the headlight assembly on your vehicle. The final appearance can totally alter the look of your vehicle.
  • Modern cars use halo lighting and are a great choice in the aftermarket headlight assembly. They are mostly available in CCFL (cathode code fluorescent light) and LED.
  • LED lights are known to be energy efficient and durable. Plasma SMD is a new technology in LED. CCFL halos provide huge illumination, but they are expensive and available as LED and Halogens.
  • A trusted aftermarket headlight assembly replacement online store will ensure that the headlight assembly is suitable for your vehicle. They will never push you into buying something that does not fit your vehicle brand.
  • You must be careful while purchasing headlight assemblies, from an aftermarket online store on what is being offered in the package. In some cases, bulbs are sold separately. You must check the product details before placing your order. Also, read the vendor warranty.
Why buy aftermarket headlight assembly from Big Mouth Direct?
  • Big Mouth Direct is a reliable source for aftermarket headlight assembly maintaining a cost much lower than others.
  • A complete assembly will include the housing and the lens with the mounting brackets.
  • High-Intensity Discharge HID, or Xenon lights will include the ballast and the Igniter.
  • All mounts will be intact.
  • The headlight Lens will be checked for cracks and cloudiness.
  • Side markers or turn signal lights, if they are not part of the same housing, will not be included.

Best things to look for in custom headlights?

The market trend, custom headlight assemblies come win different designations, "Projector" style, "Halo" style, and "LED" style. Halo style headlight assembly appears in projector light and LED bulbs.

What are the main considerations when selecting aftermarket custom headlights?
  • Your preference matters on the shape of the vehicle.
  • Do you want angular lines or want curved beams?
  • Squared-off vehicles like plank lights headlight assembly along with a horizontal flat lighting element at the bottom effects a solid straight-edged look.
  • Curved vehicle designs like halo headlight assembly round the rings. Some also like projector beam lights with Halos.
  • Customers that have custom painted vibrant vehicle colors prefer chrome with a bezel background.
  • Matte is much preferred by customers as the smoke tainted headlight assembly color gives on-spot sophistication.
  • Vehicles with solid colors such as black prefer clear headlight lenses with a black bezel background.
  • The projector beam should have 2-3 light pods. You can spot them on BMW and Audi headlight assemblies.
  • Projector headlight assemblies are stylishly cut out in round shapes. They are designed to look like laser beam lenses. Projector headlight assemblies do not require parabolic bulky reflectors which makes them different from composite housing. The extra space in this style is replaced with enhancement creating a futuristic look in the headlight assembly design.
  • A glass ball inside the main headlight serves as a projector resembling the cutout shape.
  • Turn signal, parking light and DRLs use traditional bulbs. The round cutouts are mostly halo lights.
  • Halo headlamps encircle as a light ring-opening inside the fascia of the headlight assembly. This first appeared in the BMW model (2001-5) series.
  • The halo rings illuminate with traditional fluorescent, LED, CCFL bulbs.
  • They are accompanied by projector-style headlights superseding the projectors with their customized U-bar haloed intensity that add more excitement to the headlight assembly.

Pros & Cons of the aftermarket headlight assembly

  • The aftermarket headlight assembly is originally manufactured.
  • You can find a better design than the original one from the variety of brands available.
  • The price is much better and affordable owing to the wide inventory.
  • You can find aftermarket headlight assembly conveniently online from reliable aftermarket headlight store Big Mouth Direct.
  • The variety of brands can be confusing for customers.
  • You should do your research thoroughly before purchasing for any online aftermarket headlight assembly.
  • However, if the store is reliable like Big Mouth Direct, highly informed and efficient technicians will guide you through your purchase.

List of some aftermarket headlight assembly Brand that Big Mouth Direct sell

  • Ford aftermarket headlight
  • BMW aftermarket headlight
  • Mercedes-Benz aftermarket headlight
  • Volvo Cars aftermarket headlight
  • Audi aftermarket headlight
  • Firebirds aftermarket headlight
  • Toyota MR2 aftermarket headlight
And more

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