The driver’s vision, especially at night, is crucial. Headlights do the job of lighting your way. Top quality headlights are of utmost importance to ensure a good view of the road for safety. Headlights are too valuable to risk a few dollars.
Major Role
Most headlights work by emitting a spectrum of light that is like daylight. At present, projector head lights, xenon headlights and sealed beam headlights are becoming popular as these types of headlights improve night visibility through their brighter headlight beams and the wavelength of colors they produce. Plus they look good. Replace faulty headlights as soon as possible for your own safety.
Package Details
A complete Assembly will include the housing and the lens with the mounting brackets. High Intensity Discharge HID or Xenon lights will include the ballast and the Igniter
Sold Separately
All mounts will be intact Headlight Lens will be checked for cracks and cloudiness Will not include side markers or turn signal lights if they are not part of the same housing.
Part Description
The headlight is the unit on the Left and Right side front of the car that illuminates the road ahead when it is dark outside. This part consists of 2 or more pieces: COMPOSITE HEADLIGHT Definition: A headlight system in which the bulb can be replaced without removing the whole unit. SEALED-BEAM HEADLIGHT Definition: Headlights composed of lens, reflector and filament fused together as a single unit. Lens: The outer clear piece that you can see Capsule: This is the lens with the 'globe' portion of the headlight. (The inside portion) Mounting Bracket: The hard plastic portion on the back of the headlight that is used to actually mount the headlight to the core support Some vehicles have a pop-up style headlight (Firebirds, Toyota MR2) and these 'headlights' consist of a capsule and a motor and the top portion which is what shows when the headlights are down. The headlight motor is normally sold separate.