In 1909 General Motors were marketing the GMC brand carriages like vans, trucks and other few in Northern part of United States and in Gulf countries too. This brand has sold out to the General Motor cooperation due to the need of the GM which was they had to launch a subsidiary for manufacturing trucks in the name of General Motors Truck Company. Among the other brands like Chevrolet under the distribution by General Motors, GMC has risen to the second place in maximum vehicle sales in 2007, Chevrolet was being as first. In 1912 the first truck which was produced by GMC under General Motors has showcased in the New York International Auto show. The GMC truck has able to reach New York City from Seattle within thirty days in 1916 and around in 1926 A2 truck has took around five days to travel between New York and San Francisco. In the meantime which was in the mid of 1925 GM had a another purchase of Yellow Coaches that was a bus manufacturing company based in Chicago, after this purchase GM has changed the name of their truck and coach providing division and they export the buses to Canada and to the other states in United States. At the current GMC is manufacturing load trucks, vans and other different truck based carriages.