With most vehicles today, the majority of operations are automated and run by electricity. The up and down motions of the window may fell in this category with the invention of power window lifter. Window lifter was common in a vehicle by 1960, but most were run manually by a hand crank located on the inside of the door. During this decade, the power window lifter was invented and gained popularity.
Major Role
The front window lifter is made up of a “c” channel that the window sits in and a scissor pulley system attached. The motor or crank is attached to one side of the scissor arms and causes the c channel to move up or down.
Package Details
Door Window Regulator and Motor Regulator and Motor will be sent together
Part Description
The window regulator is a metal item that fits between the outer door shell and the interior door panel. It is a motor driven (parT type 617) or manual driven piece that hooks to the window glass and pushes it up and pulls it down. It sometimes is sold with the motor but in other instances the motors are taken off and sold separtaely. If the customer orders the window regulator then you assume they do not need the motor. If you are on the phone with them, then ask do they need the motor. Make sure when ordering that you verify with the distributor that it is not bent and in good shape. Questions to ask: Do you need the motor with it or not? Is it electric or not? Shipping Cost is normally 10 - 15 dollars Dimensions: It is shaped like a boomerang or pair of opened scissors. Not heavy but strange looking shape. The bend easily