Front bumper reinforcement is made from highly durable steel that can absorb force before it can be transmitted to the vehicles frame. Basically, bumper reinforcement is just decorative outer surface that matches your cars paint job. The force reduction and absorption is done by the steel construction.
Major Role
The front bumper is one of the toughest parts on the vehicle. It has to be tough. After all, this component is what protects your rides front and rear ends from damage in the event of minor or light collisions. During a low speed collision, for example, the bumper absorbs as much force as possible, to prevent damage on your engine.
Package Details
Absorber or Reinforcer Only
Sold Separately
Will be inspected for structural integrity before shipping Bumper cover rebar or mounting bar Grille Lights Emblems
Part Description
The front bumper consists of a couple pieces, that includes the outside cover which is made of plastic and below there is a metal piece called the 'reinforcement'. Normally we do not sell front bumpers due to the weight involved in shipping. In trucks and SUV's, the front bumper is normally one piece chrome. If you receive a call regarding a front bumper you need to find out if the customer needs just the cover (if that style car has one) or if they need the bumper re-bar/re-enforcement. Either way you have to search by using the 105 part type Questions to ask: Do you need the bumper cover or the complete assembly? Is this a one piece chrome bumper? Does customer want just a cover or are they expecting the cover, foam, re-enforcement .. Shipping The Bumper re-enforcement are the width of the car and can be heavy if chrome. Normally they will need to be shipped via a freight truck and not UPS. Be sure to get a commercial shipping address.