A front bumper is made up of plastic, aluminium, rubber or steel which is usually attached on the front and rear of a passenger car. If a collision occurs, the bumpers in front absorb the shock hence reducing or preventing damage to the vehicle. Bumpers are either made up of foam cushioning material or energy absorbers/brackets.
Major Role
Front bumpers are designed to stop or lessen physical damage to the front ends of a passenger vehicle due to low-speed collisions. They are also designed to protect the hood, fuel, exhaust and cooling system as well as related equipment of a vehicle in low speed collisions.
Package Details
Bumper Cover Absorber or Reinforcer Rebar or Mounting Bar
Sold Separately
Bumpers will have normal wear with no major defects. Expect 1 hour of work to repair minor blemishes. Chrome will be inspected to ensure no pealing Please be sure to specify if bumper is chrome or painted Grille Lights Emblems
Part Description
The front bumper consists of a couple pieces, that include the outside cover which is made of plastic and below there is a metal piece that is called the 'reinforcement'. Normally we do not sell front bumpers due to the weight involved in shipping. In trucks and SUV, the front bumper is normally one piece chrome. Please confirm if the customer needs just the cover (if that style car has one) or if they need the bumper re-bar/reinforcement. Either way you have to search by using the 105 part type, Bumper assembly. Questions to ask: Do you need the bumper cover or the complete assembly? Is this a one piece chrome bumper? Does customer want just a cover or are they expecting the cover, foam, re-enforcement.. Shipping The front Bumper is normally the width of the car and can be heavy if chrome. Normally they will need to be shipped via a freight truck and not UPS. Be sure to get a commercial shipping address.