A car front axle is designed for front wheel drive. Each type of axle has a specific size and weight load capacity. The car axle connects the wheels and tires to the car. The axle has long lug studs on one end, which are mounted to wheels with lug nuts.
Major Role
The axle holds majority of weight of a car and is a critical component of the vehicle. A cars front axle is the steel rod that connects the front wheels of the car. All cars have front axles, which are responsible for turning the wheels when the driver accelerates the vehicle.
Package Details
Complete Axle Assembly including Differential and Carrier Assembly where applicable.
Sold Separately
Spindle/knuckle will not be guaranteed
Part Description
An assembly of Axle Shafts and Differential Gears that support and drive the front wheels of the Vehicle. Other names: (Front Axle). This is the complete front axle from hub to hub. You can see the carrier assembly or 'chunk' in the middle. Heavy item to ship but good sales as long as they are not really old. Make sure you always make customer know the ratio of the gears in the carrier or differential (same thing) before ordering. Do not assume Also, see if the customer needs 'hub to hub' which is basically from one side to the other as shown in picture. The hubs are not guaranteed but both axle legs and the middle chunk is.