Ford id a very popular automobile manufacture which most of us know and using. This company is based in United States and founded ny Henry Ford in 1903 June. As a huge multinational cooperation Ford owns quit few other brands under its umbrella, Lincoln, Mercury cars, Volvo, Aston Martin and other few. In the early periods, Ford had Jaguar and Land Rover as its subsidiaries, after long time those were purchased by Tata Motors based in India in 2008. New methods of engine manufacturing and engineering has been introduced by Ford, large scale production was one of those methods. The first ten years this kind of methods couldn’t be popular in the automobile industry, only in 1914 it became very popular and it was called Fordism. Around in 2007 Ford was having 13 United States models vehicles which were able to give more than thirty miles per one gallon and it has estimated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Ford is staying in the fourth place in largest automobile manufacture groups in the world and the place was based in their overall sales in worldwide. Before 2007 Ford was in the second place based on their sales in United States, the thing is they were keeping that position as a constant for more than half century but unfortunately they have been pushed back to the third place in 2007. More than 6.5 million carriages has been produced by Ford and Ford has more than 245000 employees in all of their branches worldwide.

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