A flywheel is a mechanical rotating device found in automobiles. They are typically made of steel and rotate on conventional bearings. Flywheels have an inertia that is called the moment of inertia and thus they resist changes in rotational speed and are hence ideal for storing rotational energy.
Major Role
Energy is provided to a flywheel by means of torque; this energy is then stored in the form of potential energy of the moving flywheel. Flywheels provide a continuous source of energy when the energy source is discontinuous. They control the orientation of the mechanical system and also help in delivering energy beyond the capability of the continuous energy source.
Package Details
Flywheel Only
Sold Separately
Flywheel will be inspected for quality before sending Crankshaft Clutch Torque converter
Part Description
A toothed large wheel that is attached to the back of the Crankshaft and connects it to the Clutch of Torque Converter. It is also used for starting the Engine.