Engine oil cooler is usually used to cool high performance automobiles engines that are not liquid cooled. The oil is piped to the engine head through the lubrication system already available. The engine oil then acts as a liquid coolant as it passes through the engine by removing surplus heat from the internal combustion engine.
Major Role
The engine oil absorbs heat from the engine and then passes through a heat exchanger which cools the oil down by removing excess heat. The cooled engine oil then flows back to the oil and the same process is repeated thereby keeping the temperature of the engine low by continuously removing heat.
Package Details
Engine Oil Cooler Only
Sold Separately
Will be inspected for leakage before shipping Radiator Fluid lines Hoses
Part Description
An external oil "radiator" that helps cools the oil in high performance cars. Normally located in the vicinity of the main radiator where it will benefit from better air flow.