For any of several reasons, engines must be replaced. The question is whether to replace it with a new, rebuilt or used engine. You must decide which is the best option for you at that time. New engines are very expensive. You can save a lot of money when you buy used engines. You should avoid buying used parts from salvage yards or junk yards that are not trustworthy. Our team has been selling new and used auto parts since 1975. Big Mouth Direct is a name you can trust.
Let's be honest. Buying used engines come with some risk. However, you can reduce your risk when buying a used engine, if you know and check on several specific things.
First, avoid junkyard scams. We source used engines and all other used auto parts and used body parts from thousands of junkyards and salvage yards across the U.S. But there are some we will not do business with. Simply said, Big Mouth Direct reduces your risk by sourcing your used engine from those salvage yards and junk yards that we have worked with in the past and respect. Second, it's important to know for how many miles the used engine was used. While used engines with more miles typically cost less, they may not last as long. Ideally, think about a used engine having no more than an average of 15,000 miles per year, calculating that from the year your car was manufactured. Third, make sure you ask whether the car from which the used engine is being taken was considered a total wreck and if so, whether the damage to the vehicle was in the front and whether there was a fire under the hood. Often, Big Mouth Direct is able to confirm with its sources for used engines that it was tested and it works. Fourth, you want to be aware that many car manufacturers used the same engine in cars for many years. Big Mouth Direct's expert technicians are aware of this information and can readily confirm whether the located used engine will work in your vehicle. Fifth, and very importantly, you do not want to purchase a used engine without a warranty. Ask questions about what is specifically covered and how long the warranty lasts. Make sure you understand and if not ask, if there are any conditions within the language of the warranty. Always, make sure the warranty is available in writing. By following these five important points, you can save money, buy a used engine that will work in your vehicle and have a warranty to protect your purchase.