Actually Eagle was not an independent manufacturer; it was one of the brands of Chrysler cooperation. After the purchase of the American Motors Cooperation by Chrysler, they have taken the name “Eagle” From AMC. Chrysler group has established the Eagle Jeep section on 1987. AMC was taking care of the distributing these vehicles including Jeeps in the initial periods. Eagle had not use the “Pentastar” badge of the Chrysler while the other automobile brands like Dodge, Plymouth have been using the same logo; Eagle used their own logo which was showing the eagle head in the top right corner in their all products. AMC and Renault who was the early partner of AMC, these two manufactures had joined and designed the initial version of Eagle products which were Eagle Premier and Eagle Medallion. Throughout the history of Eagle, they had struggled to get recognition and a stable place in the global market because of the upheaval of some new brands and number of different brands in that period. In September 1997 Chrysler has announced their separation from Eagle due to the unexpected down in the sales and from 1980 Chrysler had been encountering finance problems; this would be also a main reason for the discontinuation. During the short lived period of Eagle has produced some memorable products and those models are must be mentioned here. In that case the following are the some of them, Eagle Wagon, Eagle Medallion, Eagle Vista and Eagle Vision which was their last product.