A drive shaft front which is found in the front engine of most 4 wheel drive vehicles, couples the front transmission with the differential. It connects components of a drive train which cannot be connected directly due to the distance or the need to allow relative movement them.
Major Role
The front drive shaft is used to transmit torque to the axle of vehicles thus providing them power. The front drive shaft is also used to allow joint expansion for vertical and longitudinal suspension movement connected via yoke-type universal joints.
Package Details
Drive Shaft Only Will be inspected to ensure it is straight and true
Part Description
A shaft that connects the Transfer Case output to the Front Axle input on 4 Wheel Drive vehicles. Other names: (Front Driveshaft).Easy sales but make sure you are doing the right one. On older vehicles it depends on wheel base and many other options. Other times you can get what is called a 'weld to weld' measurement. The inventory searches may say 19" W to W and that means from one place on the drive shaft where it is welded to then other end it is 19". This is a good way to know what you are sending.