Know your car drive shaft

What is a driveshaft?
  • The car driveshaft is also called the propeller shaft of the Cardan shaft.
  • Delivering torque from the transmission to the differential, it transmits this torque to the wheels to move the car.
  • A component of the drive train, the drives shaft transfers torque between components that are separated by a distance.
  • The torque is carried from a transaxle to the wheels in shorter driveshaft pairs.
  • Sustaining shear stress driveshafts can carry forces without adding weight to increase inertia or resisting forces.
  • The drive shaft can bend using joints, couplings or rods which can change or vary the distance between the components.

How does a drive shaft work?

Front-wheel driveshaft
  • A long drive shaft is needed that sends power to the length of the vehicle in the front engine rear wheel car drive shaft.
  • Vehicles that come with a clutch and transmission directly on top of the engine use a front-wheel driveshaft.
  • The car drive shaft does not rotate when the vehicle is in a stationary position.
  • The transaxle drive shaft is used by some sports cars that need a balance between the front and rear.
  • The front-wheel car driveshaft transmits power to the front wheels.
  • The car driveshaft connects the transmission to a rear differential or the propeller shaft or prop shaft.
  • In a front-wheel car driveshaft, the engine and axle are separated.

Rear-wheel driveshaft

  • In a jeep driveshaft, the force transmitted by the propeller shaft is produced by the engine to move to the axles.
  • Every vehicle uses the driveshaft differently.
  • The driveshaft is the weighted component that rotates, generating a high-speed torque value that makes the wheels turn.
  • The driving quality is affected if the drive shaft misfunctions.

How do I know if my car drive shaft is bad?

  • If you feel a strong vibration from the underside of the vehicle. There is a problem with the driveshaft. The universal U-joint fails and produces the vibrating sound.
  • Maintaining a balance in the drive shaft during installation ensures that it does not vibrate. Accelerated wear of the drive train increases the vibration felt by passengers in the vehicle.
  • Sometimes the bushing or bearing supporting the drive shaft u joints fail and interfere with the rotational capacity sending out abnormal noises. This produces rattling, scrapping and squeaky noises from underneath the vehicle. If servicing does not help, then replacing the car driveshaft better.
  • For a smooth drive replace a broken driveshaft as it will hinder the turning of the wheels. The issue will crop up when taking turns.
  • Shuddering is a common impact accelerating from low speed or a static position, this is a sign of a failing driveshaft that occurs from a loose component like a u-joint or a center bearing that wears the car driveshaft.

How much does a car drive shaft cost?

The replacement cost of the drive shaft depends on the vehicle and the model. The prices are different according to brands. If you are planning to replace a half shaft for your front wheel vehicle, the cost of an OEM car driveshaft can be $2000 or more. Aftermarket parts vary from vendors; some charges could be anything from $300-$940. However, buying from a trusted online store like Big Mouth Direct will ensure the best price for a car driveshaft and reliability on your purchase.

Pros & Cons of used car driveshaft

The driveshaft protects the shaft support bearing. It exerts consistent low reactive forces even under larger misalignment.

The driving and driven shaft rotate at the same speed exactly in homokinetic transmission producing high-speed torsional stiffness and zero backlashes.

Driving without a fully fictional drive shaft is not safe as the driveshaft transfers the torque and the engine rotation into the vehicle movement.

A failing driveshaft will stop you from driving properly. If you cannot replace it with an OEM driveshaft, a used driveshaft in good condition purchased from a reliable store is an equally good option.

If you find your vehicle shaking from underneath, it indicates wear on the drivetrain.

Addressing the driveshaft problem is important as if the driveshaft is allowed to die completely, the wheels will lose power. A car driveshaft typically lasts for 75,00 miles.Even if your used jeep driveshaft wont last that long the price that you spend will be worth the service you get. Use a trusted store to purchase your car driveshaft.

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