Package Details
Door Shell and Window regulator with motor.
Sold Separately
Allow for 1 hour of repair time for slight blemishes May not include interior trim panel, moldings, or speaker. may not include side view mirror
Part Description
The Rear door is simply that, found on either the left or right side. The rear door consists of door shell (metal part), glass, may or may not have regulator and/or motor. The rear door does not come with mirror or inside panel. WE DO NOT COLOR MATCH. For part type 130 (Rear door) you must clarify what the person needs from the door. We normally quote a good clean door to the customers and then find out if they actually need the glass, etc. We DO NOT color match. While buying a door it is important to know how they are graded. For instance you might find a certain door for a particular price but you must find out what condition it is in. When viewing distributor inventory normally there will be notes telling the number of 'hours' damage. We NEVER want to sell doors that have notes about damage. The notes will say if it has 'one parking lot ding' or any other negative description, in that case you can tell the customer and see if they still want. The CX has to confirm if they still need the part. If the Customer states they want a perfect door and do not have any mechanical knowledge then be careful. In some cases though the customer will tell you they just need a door shell and don't care about the glass, mirror or door panel etc it has to be confirmed. Questions to ask: What all items on the door do they need: [Glass, Door window regulator (125 part type), Door panel (Plastic portion on inside of the car), Door mirror (Normally sold separately from the door)] Shipping Can range from 85 to 175 dollars; do figure around $125 on average depending on where it is going. Dimensions The size of the door depends of what style and if it is a 2 door or not. 2 doors are heavier and cost more to ship.