Dodge is the United States automobile manufacturer which was found by Horace and John Dodge in 1900. This brand is very popular for their minivans, vehicles related to sport field and the tricks also. In Michigan Dodge has its headquarters for management of its all operations. These brand vehicles are not only used in United States but also in the other continents like Asia, Europe and Australia. This brand name was launched in 1900 as a brother company of Detroit and used to supply the parts to Detroit as well. Only in 1914 Dodge has started to produce vehicles independently. In the periods of war, these brand carriages were used widely due to its longevity usage and it was a successful brand at that time. As a proof of its success career we can consider the rankings orders, in 1920 Dodge was in the second place in overall sales in United States but in the following years particularly in 1925 and in 1927 it has been fell down for 5th and 7th place in order. In 1928 the Chrysler group has bought Dodge and after that Chrysler took all the operation and manufacturing controls of it. More than one logo has been used by Dodge such as badge concludes stars, Ram’s head seal and so on. In recent Dodge has started manufacturing vans since it founded, their first model van was get launched in 1964, it was name in A series and came up with V8 engines. Until 2003, they have more than three decades winning track records in van manufacturing.